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Why StudyOnline.school?

We're not a traditional school. In fact, we're completely different from what you're probably familiar with. Our goal is learning and development, on your terms. We just provide the platform, trainers and counsellors. 

Learn when you want or get an appointment with a teacher

We all learn differently. Some of us need the direct contact and feedback from the teacher, others of us would like to follow the subjects without any necessary contact with the teacher and others are again at an age where we prefer to have mom or dad to help. Here you will find private classes, online classes, online tutoring, homework help and various courses for online teaching.

Online when you want

StudyOnline School allows you to study at your pace. You can watch videos, read texts, do tasks, etc. just when it fits into your everyday life. If you attend Online Class you will get deadlines and meeting times, but you will never meet a schedule called fixed in front of the screen every day e.g. at 8:00 in the morning. On the contrary, you will encounter flexibility in relation to the study and the meeting times.

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